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Acne Through the Ages and Stages

Acne Through the Ages and Stages

Acne is a big problem in our society. Just when you thought those breakouts were only part of your teenage years and puberty, those damn spots keep appearing. It is extremely common where approximately 1 in 3 adults suffer.  I was recently quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald on the bane of adult acne and what to do about it.

Why do we keep getting breakouts as we get older? It is largely due to the interplay of genetics and hormones. 

Stress and diet, as well as the wrong skin care routine further add to the chaos of creating adult acne.

There are some things you can do yourself to help your adult acne.

Top 5 Causes of Acne  

Adult acne is largely a genetic predisposition, however we can minimise things that trigger it and use certain skincare to stabilise, calm and prevent breakouts. I’ve broken down the causes into 4 areas.

1. Diet:

Contrary to old school beliefs, the modern day Derm understands that diet is a major player in the acne generating pathway.

It all comes down to insulin. The key to an acne friendly diet is insulin stability. High GI, high sugar and high carb diets are the worst. They create insulin instability, which then creates hormone instability. It is this hormone instability which then ultimately acts out on your skin.

So what’s an acne friendly (and also anti-ageing friendly) diet?

It’s one that creates stable and lower insulin.

  • Low sugar, low carb. Good protein supported by anti-inflammatory vegetables (think kale, broccoli, capsicum, tomatoes).
  • If having fruit, opt for berries only as this type of fruit has anti-oxidants good for skin. Majority of fruit is just fructose, i.e. sugar so makes acne worse!!!
  • Supplement with GOOD fats i.e. olive oil, butter, avocado.

I’ve seen people follow this and literally rebalance their hormones, menstruate again and skin clearing. BUT most adult acne needs more than just diet.

2. Stress:

Environmental factors will then add more fuel to the acne and breakout fire. Stress is a big one, creating surges of hormones from the pituitary and the adrenal glands. These hormones then play out on your skin creating congestion and breakouts. So some mindful meditation and listening to a Yoga Nidra App before you head off to sleep has skin worthy benefits!!!

3. Genetics:

Yep our inheritance largely determines if we are going to be susceptible to the acne affliction. Unfortunately we can’t pick our parents.

4. The Wrong Skincare Routines:

Using the wrong skincare routines can actually aggravate acne, or make it worse.

Check out my blog from last week which looks at 3 key skincare myths and how your skincare products may actually be making your acne worse:

  1. Cleanse Without Stripping
  2. How Moisturiser Can Fix Your Acne
  3. The Art of “Chemo” Exfoliation. It’s all in your AHA and BHA

5. Exercise:

Just 40-60 min 3-4 times a week helps sustain lower stress levels and a better metabolism and therefore better skin. I’ll be doing a blog and workouts and breakouts so stay tuned. 

The Best Spot Treatments: Out Damn Spot !!!!

If you’ve got a few spots, DO NOT: Pick, squeeze or probe. You will only create more issues.

Do use something like our Concentrated Spot Destroyer. Clinically proven levels of BHA (salicylic acid) mixed with AHA (mainly lactic) in an easy to use roller ball delivery system to apply to breakouts. Speeds up the recovery. When used regularly to the entire face once –twice a week, it will stop congestion, therefore prevent, breakouts.

BONUS: it rejuvenates at the same time. Yep your wrinkles and pimples totally nailed in the one product!!!

How Can DR NC Skincare Work with me and my Acne

As you know I’m all about Ingredients, simplicity and achieving results. Putting 15 years of clinical and formulating experience into EVERY product I make.

 So for acne I recommend the following:


1. Concentrated Cleanser: I’ve seen this product COMPLETELY restabilise and rebalance acne prone skin. It’s the perfect cleanser if you are suffering from the acne affliction. A few pumps into the palm of the hands and rinse off in the shower.

2. Concentrated Clarifier: Contains ALL the AHAs and BHAs you need to clear up congestion, stop breakouts and get rejuvenated skin. A total multi tasker.

3. Concentrated Moisturiser+: NOW boosted with 5% B3 (aka niacinamide) this calms inflamed acne skin, rebalances and calms down oil output. Seamlessly integrates into your skin so you feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

4. Finish with CC+ Cream (SPF30): The perfect way to blend in breakouts and sun protect without making your acne worse. Mineral sunscreen only (titanium dioxide and zinc) it is oil free and non-comedogenic (aka doesn’t cause congestion) so it will not mess with your acne.


Repeat the first 3 steps above.

Once or Twice a Week:

Stop spots in their tracks with the Concentrated Spot Destroyer. A powerful combination of AHA and BHA in amounts I use in the clinic. Packaged in a safe and easy to use roller ball delivery system to treat spots and speed up the recovery and stop breakouts in their tracks. Use once-twice a week as a global “microderm” treatment you can use conveniently at home, all over your face for acne prevention and total face rejuvenation. Sound too good to be true????? Well in this case it’s not. One of our most popular products and there is NOTHING on the market like it.


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