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Did somebody say skin type doesn't exist?

Did somebody say skin type doesn't exist?

Ok - what I’m about to say may blow your mind, but I don’t believe in skin type. The fact that one person may have dry skin, and another my have oily skin is less about physiological difference, and more about how our environment interacts and affects our skin - and what we do to look after it.

This goes against everything the skincare industry has been telling us. After 15 years clinical experience as a dermatologist and formulating my own range (as well as a lifetime of passion on the subject) I have developed a universal routine that allows you to take control when the seasons affect you skin.

That’s why I’ve put together this super summary so that you understand that when seasons change, your skin changes. But don’t despair - it doesn’t have to feel like it.

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What to expect in autumn and winter: 

As we transition from summer into autumn expect a drop in humidity that will be reflected in your skin. The reason is simple - when there is a lower moisture content in the air around us, the atmosphere absorbs it directly from your skin. Its a scientific effect known as osmosis.

These kinds of environmental conditions not only lead to dehydration, but affect the integrity and function of your epidermal barrier layer. This Results in increased sensitivity, redness, flakiness, dullness, and even breakouts. A little known fact is when our skin is dry our acne fighting enzymes don’t work.

How to hit back when the cooler weather mucks with your skin.

The best place to start is with the right ingredients. First thing is you’ll need to up-the-ante with your routine. If you know me, I always say that there is nothing more important than understanding your key active ingredients and how they work in the correct concentrations.

A few of my favourite ingredients:

  • Glycerine -  it binds and holds water into the skin (A.K.A. a humectant),
  • Medical grade lanolin - the closest thing to natural skin oils,
  • Shea butter,
  • Hyaluronic acid, and
  • B3 - repairs summer’s UV damage, pigmentation and reduces sensitivity by strengthening our barrier and increasing natural moisturising factors (ceramides).

My entire range has been designed to use all year round. To integrate with your environment it works with you an your lifestyle no matter where you are in the world.

For an intense skin bootcamp I would focus on the principles of repair, replenish and protect using our Concentrated Illuminator, Moisturiser and Hydration+.

Repair with our Concentrated Illuminator:

The Australian summer is one of the harshest climates in the world, leading to issues with pigmentation and premature ageing. As I always say, necessity is the mother of invention, and this unique environmental challenge drove Australian researchers to uncover one of the most important skincare ingredients for reducing pigment - vitamin B3 (read more about the range of B3 benefits here). It fades out the damage and repairs your DNA preventing potential cellular damage in its tracks.

Our Concentrated Illuminator is boosted with 10% B3 and 10% C to help reverse pigmentation and UV damage. The Hyaluronic Acid will lock in hydration while peptides will give you an additional collagen kick. A little known fact is that uneven skin tone caused by sun damage and pigmentation can have as much of an ageing effect on your skin as wrinkles.

Remember our skin is the largest organ in our body, and just as we need to ingest the right vitamins in our diet, we need to apply the right ones on our skin - especially as the seasons change.

Shop our Concentrated Illuminator.

Replenish with our Concentrated Moisturiser: 

Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Our range has two incredible moisturisers and here we will show you how to double up for an extra moisture boost when your skin needs it most.

Start your morning with our anti-inflammatory A,C, and E Concentrated Moisturiser with glycerin. This non-greasy moisturise boost binds seamlessly with your skin and won’t mess with your makeup. If my skin is feeling really dry I’ll use it a second time throughout the day, either if I re-apply makeup or simply want some added hydration.

Shop our Concentrated Moisturiser.

Protect with our Concentrated Hydration+ :

As the temperature drops, and the humidity declines you may need to add our Concentrated Hydration+ to your morning routine as well as your night. It’s vital that we protect our skin with powerful water binding ingredients to lock in moisture while we sleep. Our Concentrated Hydration+ (5% B3) not only continues the work of the Illuminator for pigment and barrier repair, but nourishes your skin with medical grade lanolin (the closest ingredient to our skin’s natural oils/sebum) shea butter and glycerin. I cannot stress the importance of having a strong skin barrier, and the right hydration is essential to achieve that.

The Hydration+ doubles as an intense eye cream, that supports another one of my beliefs - decluttering your routine. Never underestimate the role of a quality moisturiser as they don’t just treat dry skin, but help reduce sensitivity, wrinkles and (despite popular belief) acne. It integrates so you don’t feel oily BUT holds moisture in all day (12-15 hours). Perfect for a long haul flight.

Shop our Concentrated Hydration+.

Find out more about B3.

And don’t forget…

Use your sunscreen! You still need to be wearing your SPF. We often end up with a false sense of security in Autumn and Winter because we don’t feel hot - in fact the opposite is true. We often end up staying out longer and get more UV damage.

Remember that the best treatment for pigmentation, sun damage, ageing and the resulting sensitivity is to protect and prevent the damage in the first place. We will be launching our very own sunscreen later in the year so make sure you subscribe to our site to get the update ahead of the rest.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing more tips on how environment influences our skin so stay tuned.

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  • May 20, 2018
    This is music to my ears! I’ve been a beauty therapist for 24 years and have endured many product knowledge courses with complicated extensive ranges and massive claims. Some very expensive also. I’ve always thought skin could be simple and effective. This is brilliant can’t wait to try your products x

    — Erin

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