mybody+soul: Do you have porexia?

Picture: iStock

If you spend a lot of time eyeballing your pores willing them smaller, you need this dermatologist’s advice.

There are a lot of things we can become obsessed with - The Bachelor, Lucky You’s life giving green smoothie, NIMBLE activewear’s Thistle print tights. The list goes on.

Add to that, the size of your pores – a fixation nearly half of all women share. (Seriously, why couldn’t we have an obsession with eating salad or getting eight hours sleep?)

According to a study commissioned by L’Oreal Paris, 45 per cent of us want to change the size of our pores. Of the 2000 women surveyed, almost a third said they’re more worried about pore size than wrinkles.

In other words, if you’re preoccupied with wrinkles, your worries are as old as your skin.

This pouring over pores has a name, explains Darlinghurst Dermatology Skin & Laser Clinic dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook.

“‘Porexia’ is a term coined by dermatologists,” Dr Cook tells myBody+Soul, “This, often irrational, fixation with pore size has become a big issue in the beauty world.”


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