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  • Our Top 3 Treatments for Pre-Summer Skin Prep
  • Beverley Cook

Our Top 3 Treatments for Pre-Summer Skin Prep

Our Top 3 Treatments for Pre-Summer Skin Prep

Summer is coming so its time to think about getting our skin into top shape. We all know that over the warmer months and Christmas period we tend to fall into less than ideal eating and lifestyle habits, so now is the time to get that glow on!

One way to give your skin that extra vitality boost is with clinical grade skin treatments, that do more than your everyday skincare routine to get your skin to it’s healthiest.

Below we’ve put together our top 3 treatments coming into summer:

A deep, deep cleansing facial

What better way to get ready for summer than a spring cleaning for the skin?

During winter the dryness in the atmosphere literally leeches the moisture out of our skin (it’s called osmosis) leaving our skin’s exfoliating enzymes too dry to function properly. As a result our skin can end up looking dull, flakey and lack lustre.

The Hydrafacial can reverse all of this and reprogram the skin in 30min. This non invasive treatment uses a machine that cleanses and extracts using a patented technology of vacuum suction extraction, getting a deep cleanse without the trauma.

The hand piece has a specialised ”spiral” tip that  lifts and extracts congested from deep in the pore. This is followed by infusing serums with anti oxidants and hydrating ingredients leaving your skin not just cleansed form the inside out, but sealed with essential anti inflammatory nutrients and moisture.

The antioxidant boost will wipe up any nasty free radicals that are hanging around too.

Targeting sun damage, acne, breakouts, congestion and hydration. A global treatment without the downtime leaving your skin buffed and polished. To maintain and enhance results pair it with the perfect take home skincare.

Shop the Concentrated Clarifier here.

Beat the summer heat and get your skin ready with the forever young BBL

Get your skin summer ready with the BBL “forever young” treatments. Proven to activate the anti ageing genes in the skin, the BBL evens out skin tone, removes pigment, plumps up collagen, tightens pores and gives you that global skin rejuvenation.

The BBL can be used anywhere on the body, however is ideal for the face, neck chest and backs of hands - I tell my patients to try and commit to at least twice a year. That means before summer (now), then in winter after summer, to take out and reverse the damage that has accumulated after UV rays of the warmer months.

Patients always ask me if these treatments make you more sun sensitive?

The simple answer is no. However if you want the results to last you need to sustain a good skin care routine. This means protecting your skin from UV rays with an SPF, sun avoidance and protective clothing!

I recommend 2-3 treatments 2-4 weeks apart.

Discover the Concentrated Illuminator here.

 Spectra carbon hollywood laser peel

The Official name is the Carbon Spectra Laser Peel and the reason it’s Hollywood’s favourite is it stimulates collagen production, combats acne and evens out skin tone. Boosting collagen helps to refine pores and improves skin elasticity giving you long term benefits that build with every treatment.

Did you know We lose collagen from the age of 25 so it’s important to continually work on the collagen production cells (fibroblasts) to make sure we keep and maintain as much of it as possible as it gradually declines. The Hollywood Spectra peel is a solution as the carbon is applied to the skin to increase absorption to the deeper layers to do exactly that.

The final pass immediately removes the outer epidermis giving that instant glow. It’s a peel without having a peel, is completely painless leaving you ready for that red carpet event. Advocates swear that it tightens pores, reduces scars and pigmentation and significantly reduces wrinkles, leaving your face plumped and glowing.

Pain: Nil. A slight relaxing heat sensation as the laser pulse over the skin

Duration : 30 minutes


The spectra also has 2 other wavelengths of laser energy that address rosacea redness and pesky brown sunspots. You can bespoke design your own treatment.

For bookings and more info call 0292472887.

How can I maintain results


As I said before, skin treatments are fantastic for that additional vitality boost, however maintain results is just as important. The way to do this is through consistent use of skincare products with the correct clinical concentrations of active ingredients.

This means get to know your actives and look for the tried and tested ingredients like vitamin B3 & C whilst staring clear of skincare fads backed by BS. Learn more here.




  • Beverley Cook

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