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Six ways to get a spot free décolletage

Six ways to get a spot free décolletage

1. Avoid the sun

The sun is the biggest cause of ageing, brown spots, red vessels and collagen breakdown in this area. Avoid it as much as possible. The damage starts EARLY! The first 15 years of life so protect your kids as well and teach them good habits.

2. Protect it Properly

Not just wearing sunscreen but in summer invest in fab lightweight scarfs that can become staples in your wardrobe. I love the ones by Zadig Voltaire.

Put your SPF 50 on. Then when you are driving or walking out doors throw your light weight friend around your chest / neck. There’s no better sunscreen than covering up. If you invest in good pieces they can blend with your wardrobe and dress up your outfits. Then indoors take them off and reveal your beautiful well protected décolletage skin.
My fav SPF for this area is the new ego sunsense sensitive SPF 50+ zinc only.

3. What you use on your face share with your chest.

Those fab anti- ageing and skin rejuvenating face serums also work on the chest. Share the love and spread a little down south (not too far). In the morning after applying the Concentrated Clarifier to your face, rub the excess on the chest. This powerful combination of Ahas and BHAs will cell exfoliate away the sun damage skin, take off rough spot and fades pigmentation. It will also help treat and prevent congestion and breakouts.

In the PM use a brightening rejuvenating serum, the Concentrated Illuminator on the chest as well. This helps prevent pigment and rebuild collagen, as well as repair and combat UV damage to the DNA (gotta love vitamin B3). B3 also stops environmental oxidative damage on the skin and replenishes the skins immune system that is depleted by the sun. An absolute must to be using living in Australia as this may help prevent developing skin cancers. Its why our range of products are BOOSTED with B3.

4. Peel it away

Weekly give the chest skin a boost with a light weight peel like the Concentrated Micropeel. Packed with a 28% combination of Lactic acid, multi fruit acids and salicylic acids. Getting rid of the outer sun damaged layer with NO DOWNTIME. Repetitive use rebuilds collagen and elastin.

5. Target stubborn sunspots and sun damage with skin rejuvenation treatments

In office BBL light treatments and lasers work wonders at targeting skin spots and improving skin tone. The light energy delivered by the BBL heats the skins dermis stimulating skin cells to generate collagen and elastin. At the same time it helps restore youthful skin by eliminating pigment, sunspots and broken vessels.
A bonus is that Stanford University studies show this laser activates anti-ageing genes in the skin. Turning your genes on to behave like younger skin.

Studies show it is of significant long term benefit to have these treatments annually to keep the skin in a holding pattern and not only reverse and treat damage BUT prevent ageing. We start losing collagen from the age of 25 and our collagen production cells fibroblasts. Loose the capacity to replace it.

So investing in treatments that re-stimulate and reactivate collagenesis (a fancy word meaning collagen reproduction) is a must.
As my motto says Early Intervention IS prevention.

6. Fake it don’t bake it

If you want a “healthy glow” forget getting a natural tan. Invest in either a total body tanning job at your favorite salon or a daily gradual tan boosting at home product, like the Dove summer glow body lotion or St Tropez.

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  • Sep 27, 2017

    Hi Dr Cook,

    I just love reading your BLOG – in a world where skincare and beauty dominates and overwhelms you, i love your simplicity and knowledge, can’t wait to come see you in November to help my skin journey!

    — Sam

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