4 Reasons I Rave About Niacinamide


One of the most important things to know about Niacinamide: unlike so many buzzed-about skincare ingredients, it’s been widely researched and tested. Like Vitamin A (Retinoic Acid), it’s a clinically proven performer and plays an important role in both the repair and protection of the skin, particularly against daily UV and environmental damage. I believe that every skin needs topical Vitamin B3 daily. 

Here’s a few reasons why: 


1. It’s a Great Protector

FACT: Australian skins are exposed to significantly high levels of UV: the key culprit behind so many of the visible signs of skin ageing and of course,  the single biggest risk factor to skin cancer.  

Vitamin B3 has been clinically proven to protect your skin’s immunity, prevent skin cancer, and repair your DNA. Using skincare and sun protection with at least 5% Vitamin B3 acts as both prevention and protection which is why I’ve used it throughout my dr.NC range.

Our Concentrated CC+ SPF 30 is a chemical-filter free, zinc and titanium dioxide UVA/UVB daily protector. Boosted with 5% Vitamin B3 to deliver complete environmental protection, it’s more than just sun protection.



2. It’s an Incredible Multi-tasker

Vitamin B3 works on each of the six key skin concerns: acne, rosacea, ageing , pigmentation, sun damage and dehydration.

My dr.NC range is all about efficacy and this hero ingredient helps to:

  • minimize wrinkles and lines by preserving collagen and elastin levels,
  • control sebum production to help improve acne and congestion
  • heals inflammation
  • strengthens and builds the skin’s barrier layer, reducing sensitivity, rosacea and acne
  • prevents and controls pigmentation by blocking enzymes and stopping the spread of sun-induced pigment across the skin


3. It’s Even More Effective When Layered

Not only is Vitamin B3 one of the most stable topical antioxidants & anti-inflammatories in dermatological science, it’s tolerated by all skins. The ultimate multi-tasker, I’ve included it in nearly all of my formulations so you can easily layer it for cumulative benefits. For example, you can start with our Concentrated Cleanser, follow with our Concentrated Illuminator and then either our Concentrated Moisturiser + or Concentrated Hydration+ (perfect to switch to in the winter months) to get a triple shot of Vitamin B3 — and triple the skin benefits.


4. It Treats One of The Biggest Skin Concerns

The most common skin complaint from patients I see in my clinic, hyperpigmentation can literally add years to the appearance of your skin. To treat it effectively, Vitamin B3 is a must; it fades sun and age spots and excess pigment by blocking the key enzymes responsible for pigment production. It also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep skin calm and your pigment under control.

Using a serum spiked with 10% Vitamin B3 will help even out your skin tone and treat visible pigment. In my Concentrated Illuminator, I’ve combined 10% Vitamin B3 with 10% Vitamins C and E, Hyaluronic Acid, and peptides to deliver better, brighter, and younger-looking skin.