There’s always a recurring theme among my clients when it comes to their skin goals: They all want to confidently strut out the door each morning without feeling like they need to slap on a face full of heavy makeup. 


But feeling confident enough in your own skin to go without the thick layer of foundation many women have become accustomed to wearing each day is not easy - akin to a soldier charging into battle without his layers of protective armour. 

Enter BB Creams and CC Creams. The beauty market is flooded with these lighter, everyday alternatives to foundation that claim to be the ultimate cabinet declutters, replacing several key products in your existing routine. 

So what are they? What’s the difference between them? And which one comes out on top?

BB Cream stands for “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Balm” and like a CC Cream, offers a little coverage (a lot less than a traditional foundation) along with some skincare benefits, including hydrating the skin while smoothing and evening out the complexion. 

It’s a one-size-fits-all base product, similar to a tinted moisturiser, that is often marketed as your skincare, primer, moisturiser, foundation and sunscreen, all in the one tube. Personally, I think many brands oversell their BB Creams, as it’s impossible for one product to truly meet all of these needs. Furthermore, I regularly receive feedback from my clients that some BB Creams are too thin and watery, with not enough pigment to adequately cover uneven skin tone. 


What about a CC Cream? lets talk about my concentrated CC+ cream SPF30

CC Cream is short for “Colour Correcting” or Complexion Correcting” Cream - a great foundation alternative offering decent yet lightweight coverage that makes you look and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. This is how I get my clients to stop wearing foundation - it’s my secret weapon! Of course this usually comes after I have fixed their skin using the DrNC cosmeceutical range !!!



Our Concentrated CC+ SPF 30 is chemical filter free, mineral only - physical blocker containing zinc and titanium dioxide, giving you both UVA + UVB SPF  30.

It is designed to neutralise imperfections such as uneven skin tone, dark spots and redness, without ever feeling thick or heavy. Perfect for acne prone and sensitive rosacea prone skin.

Concentrated CC+  SPF 30 is actually a cosmeceutical grade product, containing ingredients that deliver and biologically benefit and positively change the skin. The CC+ contains 5% niacinamide (vitamin B3), one of the most potent and stable anti-inflammatory antioxidants known in topical skincare today. Protects you against more than UV damage - both environmental damage and pollution ageing. While acting as an antioxidant, mopping up all those damaging free radicals from the sun and protecting your DNA.

I’ve also packed in vitamin E, vitamin B5, glycerin and skin-perfecting particles, delivering  seamless hydration, evening out skin tone, while leaving you feeling like you're wearing nothing at all. 

This product acts as the final step in your 3-step DrNC AM skincare routine, performing the crucial function of protecting the skin, additional hydration and offering a lightweight flawless finish. 

So if you’ve been looking to go foundation free and skin protect with more than just SPF, the Concentrated CC+ could be your new best friend. 

Soon enough you’ll be channeling the great Mariah Carey: “Foundation? Don’t know her.”