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  • A Lesson In Body Hydration

    We’re all well versed by now in the importance of hydration for your facial skin. But many neglect the hydration of their bodies, using a foaming but allegedly hydrating body wash, or minimising moisturising with a swipe of moisturiser on their legs and elbows alone. As a dermatologist, Dr Natash...
  • Future Proof Your Skin

    This article was originally published on SPA+CLINIC. SPA+CLINIC catches up with leading Dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook on how to future proof your skin and the impact of the skin ageing exposome. Time to reverse the biological clock... From the moment we’re born, we begin to age. Every minute we’r...
  • Why DrNC Has The Edge Over Other Products : The Secret To The DRNC Glow

    Skincare and beauty is trending worldwide and the market’s filled with pseudo-scientific claims which often over promise and under deliver. Read More to find out what differentiates DrNC and why the products work.
  • The DrNC product my client’s husband “ABSOLUTELY LOVES!”

    I love hearing stories of men falling in love with my DrNC products for the very first time. I was thrilled when one of my female clients revealed her discerning skincare junkie husband is hooked on one DrNC product in particular! 

    Believe it or not, we are fundamentally all the same with the same skin needs.

  • Let's take an acid trip - how to rejuvenate dull, winter skin

    When our skin dries out it inhibits our cell exfoliating enzymes causing an over-accumulation of dull dead skin cells - causing flaky skin and a lacklustre complexion.