Why DrNC Has The Edge Over Other Products : The Secret To The DRNC Glow


Skincare and beauty is trending worldwide and the market’s filled with pseudo-scientific claims which often over promise and under deliver.

As a board certified dermatologist with over 20 years experience, DrNC has spent the last 15 face to face with patients every day, studying the componentry of their skin - the colour, quality, texture, collagen and skin lesions and the key skin concerns. 

A dermatologist is the world’s leading authority on skin - They’re able to diagnose, treat and have an unlimited  stable of technology and tools at their disposal.

Managing patient after patient, DrNC discovered the critical need for consistency in a routine that patients needed at home to maintain, sustain and build on  the treatments they had in clinic and to provide longstanding results.

It became obvious that what you used every day at home was equally as important as what was done in the clinic.

A metaphor Dr Cook likened it to was working with a personal trainer in a gym, BUT not following through with the right diet and lifestyle. Like the body, the skin is also a metabolic unit that requires consistency and cadence on every level in order to be healthy and high functioning.

WIth her in depth knowledge and experience of dealing with patients, prescriptions and diseases, DrNC already knew compliance was a BIG issue. If it’s not easy, people don’t take their meds and therefore they don’t get better or results. It must be simple BUT effective - which she loves to refer to as her “skin religion”.

Then the real challenge began. How to get ALL of the key essential ingredients backed by science into a handful of products and work within a 3 step AM & PM routine.  As we like to say, we take the complexity out of the routine and keep the complexity in the science of the formulations.

Over more than a decade, DrNC created each formulation, one by one. Her patients became a part (after several years of R and D) of her “lab”, - trialing each powerful formulation and witnessing the incredible and positive transformations. Seeing years of combined research of key active ingredients helping patients with their key skin concerns and literally transforming their skin. This evolved into the final version of the six core products, the original foundation of the DrNC range : The Total Transformation Kit.

“I was honestly blown away by what I had achieved and the clinical results we were getting. We fairly quickly developed a cult following.” People telling me they had never had their skin looking and feeling so good. Stunned by the simplicity of the routine and the luxurious feel of science based formulations.

I still have patients today over a decade on, who continue to use the entire range.”



— The first Australian dermatologist to create skincare products. Australia is known to be one of the harshest environments in the world and provides the perfect natural lab, inspiration and playground to keep developing and testing our products under extreme conditions. You simply cannot get away with ineffective skin care in a nation with some of the harshest global environmental conditions.

— At DrNC, every product contains the BEST ACTIVE INGREDIENTS in the RIGHT CONCENTRATIONS - as proven in meta analysis based scientific studies.

— DrNC will NOT release a product until she is happy it truly delivers; Efficacy, effectiveness, elegance and experience.