B3 & The Australian Environment

After perfecting the range over 15 years we now are sharing it with the world.


Concentrated CC+ Cream SPF30 in 4 Fitzpatrick Shade


Australia is known to be one of the harshest environments in the world. A depleting ozone layer and high infrared radiation means our skin is subject to elements that instigate premature ageing. Australians can end up showing signs of skin ageing 20 years BEFORE their Northern hemisphere counterparts. Making Oz the perfect playground to perfect skin care that actually works, let alone master the art of environment protection.

Down under you cannot get away with ineffective skincare!


In 2005, Pioneering Australian research discovered the benefits of B3, when it came to skin cancer prevention, DNA and immunity  protection. Entering a new paradigm in managing UV, environmental damage & skin cancer. Working with the researchers, Dr Natasha Cook gained a unique understanding of B3 and  beyond its traditional benefits.

One of the most stable and multi tasking ingredients in modern day dermatological science, the range is boosted throughout with Niacinamide / B3. A global first.