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Skin Exfoliation with Dr Natasha Cook Cosmeceuticals

Epidermal Exfoliation and Skin Cell Renewal: Essential for anti ageing and anti acne skin care.

Effective skincare needs to target the epidermis so understanding how this layer of skin functions is key to recognising what skincare should achieve. Cells of the epidermis are constantly dividing to produce new cells. These new cells replace those in the upper layers every 30 days. This renewal process describes our body’s natural ability to exfoliate the skin and make new healthy young skin cells. The integrity of the epidermis, particularly its outer layer, is necessary for healthy, optimal functioning skin.

After the age of 20, the skin’s renewal process slows and occurs closer to every 60 days. As a result, your skin and complexion appears duller as pores enlarge, congestion increases and patchy, flaky skin become more prevalent. Skins light reflectivity reduces giving a lacklustre looking skin. Therefore, we need to increase the skin’s metabolic rate in order to generate fresh skin cells for healthy, radiant, blemish-free, youthful skin. Increasing the metabolic rate means that more new cells are produced and old dead cells removed. 

Enhancing Exfoliation and Cell Renewal for Youthful Radiant Skin

Doctor Cook designed her skincare range to enhance the exfoliation process and stimulate cell renewal to create youthful radiant skin. We know that the natural fruit acids are beneficial to skincare and can be attributed to boosting the skin’s metabolism, inducing exfoliation and making fresh new skin cells.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids have been applied for thousands of years to improve the look and feel of the skin. The Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra is understood to have bathed in milk containing the Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) lactic acid, for its skin enhancing properties. 

These are the superstars of the cosmeceutical cabinet. Highly stable and highly effective. They are Doctor Cook’s number one go to for regeneration and anti-ageing.

Today we have the benefits of dermatological science and technology to support the fundamentals of skin physiology. For this reason, Dr Natasha Cook CosmeceuticalsTM CONCENTRATED CLARIFIER and CONCENTRATED MICROPEEL contain clinical strength Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids to effectively assist exfoliation and cell renewing to help maintain youthful, high-functioning skin. Lactic acid is the primary AHA in our formulations because it is highly effective with low irritancy. Doctor Cook considers lactic acid a hero of cosmeceutical skincare so has formulated each product to contain the right concentration of the right active ingredients to achieve optimal results for your skin. Salicylic acid or BHA loves oil (lipophillic) so it gets right down deep into the oil based hair follicles. Dissolving keratin and preventing and treating blackheads and whiteheads. Again using  multitasking ingredients in clever combinations minimising how many products you really need.

Dr Natasha Cook Dermatologist Clinical Skin care