Dr Natasha Cook Cosmeceuticals


Concentrated Clinical Strength Skincare 

Formulation by Doctor Natasha Cook, Dermatologist MBBS [Hons] FACD

Dr Natasha CookTM Cosmeceuticals is a universal skin care range using the right ingredients in the right concentrations to boost  your skins health, radiance and anti-ageing capacity. Boosted with B3 throughout the product range (niacinamide), a powerful and essential ingredient that addresses everything from inflammation, DNA damage to pigmentation and acne. This revolutionary range has the capacity to address the 6 key areas of your concern: ageing, pigmentation, acne, sensitivity., sun damage and dehydration.

It may sound too good to be true, but if you understand the way the skin truly functions and the role of certain active ingredients in the right concentrations, a universal  simple range can address all of your skin care needs.

Dr Natasha CookTM Cosmeceuticals were developed by Doctor Cook when she recognised the significant need for a skincare range that would genuinely deliver 'real' results for her patients. Not only putting the right intelligent ingredients into products but make sure they are in the right concentrations to get results. You see skincare science is complex and as a dermatologist Dr Natasha realised there were significant gaps in the market. Too many products that over promised, under delivered and based on "pseudo-science". She was motivated to create a range to fill a palpable gap in the market - skin care based on science that gives the experience of high end luxury. Breaking away from the myths of ‘skin types’, the range of essential products is formulated with clinical strength concentrations of essential ingredients and the key dermatological principles to give your skin exactly what it needs. We believe you don't need a lot of products to get the best results. Keeping it simple yet effective.

We use clever combinations of multitasking dermatological ingredients, to boost the capacity of each product. Saving you time and money.  A concentrated range for all skin types. Giving you the Right concentrations of the Right ingredients delivering Real Results.

  • AUTHENTICITY – educating clients on the real facts about skin and its care, formulations that deliver to the skin exactly what it needs. Keeping it Real. Back by a leading Australian Dermatologist.
  • EFFECTIVENESS – high concentration of active ingredients that are multitasksers. Boosted with B3.
  • SIMPLICITY – skin care does not need to be complicated but still remain elegant and luxurious. Universal for all skin types.

Since launching in 2007, the range has attracted a loyal following of clients who recognise the results from the clinical strength formulation. Coupled with sublime textures and exquisite natural fragrances (after all it needs to feel good as well), each product offers a moment to savour in anyones daily personal care routine. Due to requests from China, the US and France, Doctor Cook is proud to now offer her concentrated clinical strength skincare beyond her Sydney based Dermatology and Skin Clinic and invites you to enjoy the daily experience and long term results of these unique formulations.

As a Dermatologist, I know that the most important thing about effective skin care is having the right ingredients in the right concentrations for real results. Dr Natasha CookTM Cosmeceuticals are designed to deliver the experience of the high-end luxury backed by hard-core dermatological science. Universal skin care for all skin types. All our actives are proven multitaskers when it comes to addressing all of your skins fundamental needs and 6 key areas of concern: ageing, pigmentation, acne, sun damage, dehydration and sensitivity. With a commitment to superior quality, credibility and authenticity, my effective, revolutionary range achieves optimal results every time.

Doctor Natasha Cook MBBS [Hons] FACD