MOISTURE and HYDRATION: The Importance of Skin Barrier

Skin Moisture and Hydration with Dr Natasha Cook Cosmeceuticals


Essential for Skin Barrier and Skin Functioning: Moisturising and Hydration. More than Skin Deep!

The skins outer layer known as the epidermis has an essential role in protecting you from the outside world and helping you also look your best. We like to think of this outer layer like a brick wall. The protein based skin cells known as keratinocytes are like the "bricks". Held together by the mortar, a complex array of specialised skin lipids and natural moisturising factors that keep the wall together.  The "ingredients" that hold moisture within the skin we call moisture binders, also known as humectants and emollients. As we age our bodies produce less of these of natural moisturising factors such as Hyaluronic Acid, ceremides and sodium PCA hence the skin becomes dryer and its capacity to hold in moisture diminishes resulting in dull, lacklustre skin. The outer layer becomes flakey and uneven and its capacity to hold in water, essential for good looking and high functioning skin, diminishes. These moisturising agents are also important to maintain the function of the cell exfoliating enzymes in the epidermis. Without an optimal water and hydration content in the skins outer layer, the natural enzymes stop functioning properly. These enzymes are essential in removing the old skin cells and producing fresh young ones. A process known as desquamation also commonly referred to as cell exfoliation. The result is dry, dull, old looking flaking and patchy skin that neither looks nor feels good. Lack of moisturisation also increases the sensitivity of skin.

So moisturisation and hydration is more than skin deep.  A well formulated moisturiser is fundamental to your skins health and for good looking skin. Essential to hold the wall together and give us a protective barrier against pollutants, chemicals and UV rays. Vital in sustaining optimal water and hydration content so your natural cell exfoliating enzymes to work effectively giving you new fresh skin cells and a youthful skin. 

Effective skincare products replenish these humectants and natural moisturising factors sustaining the barrier and holding in moisture. Hydrated skin not only looks and feels better, it fundmentally performs better. Knowing how skin truly works we made sure we optimised the Right moisturising skin lipids and hydrating natural moisturising factors in the Right concentrations to give Real results.

Dr Natasha CookTM Cosmeceuticals CONCENTRATED MOISTURISER uses a combinations of specific lipids and moisture binders that enhance the barrier function, reduce water loss and act as humectants to hold moisture in. These include Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium RNA ,Glycerine, Triglycerides and sophisticated silicone that attract and bind water molecules. Boosted with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants vitamins A, C & E essential to soothe and protect skin cells from irritation and environmental free-radical damage. 

Dr Natasha CookTM Cosmeceuticals CONCENTRATED HYDRATION+ is our moisture super star, a hydration booster which doubles as an eye cream and night cream as well as a daily cream for dry skin. The moisture intense qualities make it ideal for dry skin and dehydrating environments such as flying. Clinical strength concentrations of skin-identical water-retaining compounds and anti-inflammatories include medical grade purified Lanolin, Glycerine and Shea Butter. Our CONCENTRATED HYDRATION+ also contains high dose 5% Vitamin B3 to boost the skins immunity against the depleting effects of sun exposure and prevent photo damage. It strengthens the epidermal barrier, reducing sensitivity, helps rosacea and assists in fading pigmentation. Another cosmeceutical superstar active ingredient in the Dr Natasha Cook Cosmeceutical clinical strength range.

The right formulation of the right concentration of these active ingredients leave your skin feeling balanced, hydrated and high functioning.

Skin hydration replenish and repair Dr Natasha Cook