The Story Behind the Concentrated CC+ (SPF 30)

Necessity is the mother of all invention - and this is no different with the Concentrated CC+.

CHEMICAL FILTER FREE 6.3% Zn + 19.2% TiO₂ 

The challenge when it comes to formulating a CC cream is striking the perfect balance between adequate SPF (30 at least) but still maintaining a lightweight and luxurious texture.

The new Concentrated CC+ has taken 10+ years to develop and we have achieved just that. More than just a CC cream this sun protector feels like you aren't wearing a sunscreen at all, without skimping on the protection and is boosted by the multi-tasking vitamin B3.

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Inspired by the Australian Environment.

Excessive sun exposure is the most influential cause not only of aesthetic skin concerns such as premature ageing, pigmentation and rosacea but also more serious conditions such as skin cancer.  

A huge part of my life is spent training, riding and working with my horses south of Sydney. A full day of sunshine in the countryside can wreak havoc on your skin, so developing the Concentrated CC+ became a passion project of mine - there were no compromises. I knew if the product didn't meet my own expectations there is no way it would meet those of my patients and customers.

So discover the product that provides long lasting sun protection and skin perfection all in one.

Did you know 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70?   

Excuses, excuses, excuses...

As a dermatologist with over 15 years experience I know that the biggest issues when it comes to sun protection are

  1. Under application;
  2. Underestimating your quantity of sun exposure and; and
  3. Simply avoiding it completely because of the texture, oiliness and congestion.

I knew that if I formulated a daily sun protector that didn't feel sensational, my customers and patients wouldn't use it as much as they needed. The addition of colour perfecting particles means it evens skin tone to boot. Currently suitable for Fitzpatrick skin types 1-3 - more to come!

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The Brief 

The only sun protector I wanted to create is one you looked forward to wearing every day.

To cut to the chase we set the bar high. This product had to be:

- SPF 30 (at least)

- Chemical filter free (zinc and titanium dioxide only)

- Lightweight & luxurious like a high-end make up, and

- Boosted by B3 to nourish while it protects

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