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Dr Natasha Cook Cosmeceuticals - The Journey

These days, lots of companies are claiming to be cosmeceuticals, with active ingredients and “natural”. Often over promising and under delivering. False claims with “pseudo-scientific” made up ingredients to hook you in that this is the latest and greatest in skin care.

As a consumer, it can be hard to figure out what those claims actually mean. I know what they mean to me. You see I was once an unsuspecting trusting consumer as a 21 year old medical student on an elective term at Harvard university Boston USA. Stocking up at the high end French brand counter as it was “cheaper “ to get skin care in the USA.
Trusting, I bought everything the sales lady recommended. Line extension product after line extension product. Including eye cream, that not only did nothing , was in a minuscule jar and also 4 times the price of everything else, but certainly I did not need at the tender age of 21.

I then ended up specialising in dermatology and was fascinated with cosmetic science. Totally consumed and knowledge hungry I hit text book after text book and scientific paper after scientific paper, seeking the truth about ingredients and skin care.
It became clear what was real and what was not and what you needed in skincare and how the skin fundamentally operates. On top of that I was treating a lot of people with skin problems including eczema, sensitivity, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, pigmentation and sun damage.

I realised that a lot of these problems can be fixed and managed with similar ingredients. I was frustrated as some pharmacy line products would have a fruit acid or AHA product with clinically acceptable amounts of the actives but felt and smelt like glue when I used them. Then I would look high end luxury department store AHA products for example. Only to find the amounts of the active in the product are minuscule and would provide no positive biological effect. While they felt and smelt better , they were very expensive and not giving you or the skin what it needed to make an impact and deliver results.

On top of living in a country that has the highest UV exposure in the world with a diminishing Ozone layer, the need for skin care that combated this and reversed damage and ageing from the sun and environment motivated me to look into this more seriously. It became an all consuming passion.

Why couldn’t you have a simple universal skin care range. For all skin types. With all the ingredients that have been substantially proven in hard core scientific dermatology literature. In the amounts that they need to be in to actually work and be bioavailable. But also in clever combinations that enhance the impact of the active ingredients and power of a single product( a process known as synergistic behaviour) . On top of all of this actually smells good, feels good and is easy to use.

I realized that Ageing is a disease, and ageing of the skin is largely preventable. In a country like Australia where the sun accelerates this ageing process its essential to be using the right skincare.

I started Dr Natasha Cook Cosmeceuticals to make skin care products that take the confusion out of this deceptive and too often inauthentic industry.
Products that are top-quality, contain the right amount of the right actives (i.e., concentrated) that are dermatologically and scientifically proven. In clever combinations to keep everything your skin needs into a simple set of six products that I like to call the “essential Six”. Products that are Universal for all skin types. Everything that is substantially backed by peer reviewed dermatologic science is in the range, in the amounts that are needed to work ( an important requirement for bioavailability).
You see if we don’t put the clever compounds in the correct percentages as well as the correct combination and ph, the ingredient will not be effective.

I want my customers to know what effect they’re having on their own skin health. To understand why they are using what they are using. To take the guess work out of skincare and to know you’ve had an expert do all the hard work and research for you. Along the way, I want my customers to learn about their skin, demystifying all the pseudo scientific claims they are constantly bombarded with. I want to empower them to make smart and informed decisions.

Dr Natasha Cook, Dermatologist MBBS [Hons] FACD.