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Understand your skin with Dr Natasha Cook Cosmeceuticals


Knowledge is Power 

Doctor Natasha Cook recognised that understanding what skin is and what healthy skin needs is paramount to making smart choices for your skincare. We encourage you to understand the science of skin in order to recognise its fundamental needs. The underlying mechanisms for skincare should enhance the natural processes carried out by your body, optimising the skins natural metabolism and barrier functions.  

Your Skin 

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is there to protect you. It forms a barrier against chemicals, microbes and environmental damage, prevents loss of moisture and regulates body temperature. The skin consists of three layers:

  1. The Epidermis: the relatively thin, surface layer of the skin. The base layer of the epidermis consist of highly active cells that constantly divide to produce more cells. An important fact is to understand this process slows with aging and hence our bodies make less new cells while struggling to get rid of the old ones. Leaving you with dull lack lustre skin. These new cells migrate towards the surface of the skin, dying and becoming filled with keratin (an exceptionally strong protein). These outer layers of dead, keratin-filled cells provide a tough, protective overcoat for the body (known as the barrier or stratum corneum) and gives the skin a smooth surface that reflects light creating luminosity and youth. We like to think of this layer as a brick wall. The Keratin cells are the bricks and between these cells is the "mortar" made of skin lipids, oils and natural moisturising factors that keeps it all together. The mortar is well designed containing specialised water binding ingredients which helps keep the skin keep hydrated,  prevent water loss from the skin and fortifying its protective role. An intact well hydrated barrier is essential in high functioning healthy good looking skin. We need to optimise this and be careful in understanding this role when formulating and using skin care cleansers and moisturisers. An optimal barrier function is optimal to healthy skin and also prevents and treats problems such as irritation, sensitivity, eczema and rosacea let alone ageing.
  2. The Dermis: a layer consisting of connective tissue, such as collagen and elastin, as well as blood vessels, oil glads and sweat glands. This is the plumping layer of the skin. This layer contains a lot of water and moisture. This layer also depletes with ageing become thinner, less elastic and wrinkled.
  3. The Subcutaneous Tissue: The padding (fat) beneath the dermis, comprising of a network of fibrous strands and lobules of fat, as well as larger blood vessels and nerves. 

Dr Natasha CookTM Cosmeceuticals focus on enhancing and maximizing the skins natural physiology and functioning while addressing key areas of concern including ageing, acne and pigmentation. The chosen multitasking active ingredients has been extensively researched combining everything you need in a few products.Looking specifically at the best way to cleanse, the best moisturising and barrier protective ingredients that hydrates and supports the barrier function. The best ingredients to remove dead dull skin cells and up regulate the manufacturing of fresh youthful ones. The best ingredients to maximise cell exfoliation, minimise and treat inflammation and oxidative damage so the range delivers high functioning good looking skin and addresses the key areas of concern with ageing, pigmentation, sun damage and acne. It is a concise range of unique formulations based on clinical strength concentrations of active ingredients selected for their essential role in your skins health and radiance. Each product well researched and dermatologically designed using multitasking active ingredients in clever combinations, minimising the amount of products you need and maximising results.