Introducing the Total Transformation Facial

So what is DrNC’s Total Transformation Facial?

The DrNC Total Transformation facial is a simple, yet effective 3 step treatment that spotlights the regenerative capacity of the Concentrated Spot Destroyer. This secret weapon is sometimes mistaken to be "only"  a "spot" treatment for breakouts, however, this unique formulation is ideal for total skin rejuvenation. 

You know that when it comes to my products they need to work hard and multitask, so the Spot Destroyer is no exception. A silent achiever, this product is the perfect antidote to dull lacklustre skin.

Like all things in my world, the Total Transformation Facial is simple, effective and EASY to do at home, so here's how I get my glow on at home.

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Step One: Cleanse your face with the Concentrated  Cleanser

Prep your canvas to make sure the Spot Destroyer evenly absorbs and readily penetrates to start your rejuvenating process. If you have a lot of sunscreen and or makeup on, go for the double cleanse.


Step Two: Rejuvenate with the Concentrated Spot Destroyer

(28% combo AHA+BHA)

Grab your rollerball and start working it all over your face. 

Don’t be put off by the name, it was designed to be easily applied as a “spot treatment” and address breakouts, but it’s equally as effective as a global facial rejuvenation skin treatment. 

I start by painting it evenly across my face. I roll it up and down across the forehead. After that, I start from the inner cheek, near the nose and under the eye, rolling out towards the ear. Line by line I ensure the entire cheek is covered and then I finish across my chin.

Yes, I do apply under the eye area, being careful with my application.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can apply to your neck and chest area. It’s great to address skin concerns such as breakouts, sunspots and sun damage. Also helping to prevent skin ageing and pigmentation.

It’s also amazing at preventing skin tags and helping in removing small ones! For this, I recommend applying 2-3 times a week just in those problem areas.

I know the rollerball tingles, but don’t panic, that means it’s going deep into your dermis where the skin’s nerve fibres live. So if you are feeling the sting, you know it’s getting in. Deep in the dermis is where the heavy lifting needs to be done to rebuild your collagen and elastin, amongst other effective skin benefits.

The low PH combined with 28% combo concentrations of AHA / BHA, ensures effective penetration and a global exfoliation, working on collagen production over time. 

The more instant effect (i.e. the next day) is an exfoliation of the outer epidermis, giving you a radiant glow you can see. You may get some mild light flaking, but not necessarily.

As a bonus during the process, the BHA (salicylic acid) deep dives into the follicle, removing and preventing blackheads and congestion. 

note: If it stings for more than a minute, rinse it with cool water. I’ve not seen this to date.

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Step Three: Soak it up with the Concentrated Hydration+ 

To complete the Facial, after letting the Spot Destroyer absorb and penetrate for a minute of two, follow through with the Concentrated Hydration.

With 5% niacinamide B3, shea butter, glycerin, and medical-grade lanolin, this is the perfect thirst quencher for your skin. The addition of 5% B3 allows this enriched cream to work on damaged DNA, pigmentation and ageing.

So it’s time to put dull winter skin to bed. Get your skin spring-ready.

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A final note on Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids

Why do I love AHAs & BHAs? 

I’m glad you asked. The quick answer - they are the ULTIMATE multi-taskers and have been around for decades. They are hard to beat as a go-to active that works on so many skin problems all at once (think congestion and acne, pigmentation, sun damage and ageing).

The evidence is long-standing AND indisputable. Something that is essential for me as a dermatologist. It’s why I have them in several products in the range, as I know they will work and reliably give results.

If you are looking for an immediate skin pick me up and want the effect of a clinic treatment that you can do at home. I look at the Concentrated Spot Destroyer as my once or twice a week skin booster. Great to reboot your skin conveniently at home before special events. It also helps preserve collagen and elastin levels with continuous & regular use. Very important if you want to halt the ageing process. We lose 1% of collagen levels every year after the age of 25!

It’s a 28% combo of lactic, mandelic, tartaric, glycolic and salicylic acids. These High concentrations in a solution base, ensure effective results.

That's all from me! SO don’t wait, it just takes a minute or two to rejuvenate.

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