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  • The BIGGEST Problem You Can Create For Your Skin

    Clean up your act (and your skin) with the right cleanser. When it comes to skincare, every step in your routine counts, but none may be more critical than the first: cleansing. Often underestimated, the right cleanser sets the stage for everything that follows. It's not just about removing dirt ...
  • Top tips for maintaining your Spring glow

    As the seasons transition, and the days become longer and brighter (at long last), there’s also a change in temperature, humidity levels, and environmental factors. In winter we lose moisture from our skin, it becomes drier and more sensitive - a process known as osmosis) - which means ...
  • Calmer, smoother skin & less breakouts with dr.NC skin care routine

    Laura shares her amazing skin journey using the dr.NC Total Skin Glow + Acne Kit. "My healing journey has been slow and hard, but I recently discovered Dr Natasha Cook's products, and I can honestly say the results I've seen in the last 3 months have been the best I've ever had." "I've struggle...
  • The dr.NC 4 step Approach to Glowing Skin

    drNC’s Total Skin Glow Kit is the ultimate Backed by Science, BS-free, Less is More skincare routine. It's also an easy way to introduce yourself to the drNC range. Just three simple steps and a weekly AHA/BHA treatment for radiant, glowing skin. Clear out congestion and stop breakouts in their t...
  • Customer Love - How your products fixed my acne!

    DrNC CUSTOMER LOVE “I used to hate summer because I was so self conscious of wearing a swimsuit or singlets but now I can wear whatever I want.  After years of back and chest acne, rashes and rosacea these products have cleared all that up in 12 weeks! All from using the Cleanser, Clarifier, Mois...
  • The DrNC product my client’s husband “ABSOLUTELY LOVES!”

    I love hearing stories of men falling in love with my DrNC products for the very first time. I was thrilled when one of my female clients revealed her discerning skincare junkie husband is hooked on one DrNC product in particular! 

    Believe it or not, we are fundamentally all the same with the same skin needs.

  • Let's take an acid trip - how to rejuvenate dull, winter skin

    When our skin dries out it inhibits our cell exfoliating enzymes causing an over-accumulation of dull dead skin cells - causing flaky skin and a lacklustre complexion.