Let's take an acid trip - how to rejuvenate dull, winter skin

How to kick your skin out of hibernation.

Over the past few posts I’ve gone into detail about how winter can trigger issues such as rosacea, sensitivity and dehydration - as well as giving you the definitive guide to choosing and matching a moisturiser to your skin and the environment.

When our skin dries out it inhibits our cell exfoliating enzymes causing an over-accumulation of dull dead skin cells - causing flaky skin and a lacklustre complexion. So how do you stop your skin turning grey with the weather? Maybe it’s time to take an acid trip!

The acid trip I’m talking about is a little less about Woodstock and more about how to integrate the right active ingredients into your skincare routine to ensure your skin stays radiant, when all it wants to do is hibernate.

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Myth: But I can’t use acid on my skin because it’s too sensitive.

My first piece of advice for anyone trying to incorporate acids into their skincare routine is ‘don’t be afraid’. Not all products containing acids require downtime, and chances are the horror stories you may have heard where at the hands of an inexperienced clinician and the wrong product. Your first step is research, and understanding more about how acids work; picking the right ones and understanding the results you want to achieve.

Secondly, there are two different ways to incorporate acids into your routine. The first is at home with a skincare routine - the second is in a clinic with a medical grade peel. The difference between the one you can buy over the counter and one from a clinic is the strength, downtime and results.

As a rule of thumb your topical, take home skincare will have a lower percentage of acids - whereas your clinical grade chemical peels will have a higher concentration and lower PH.

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When used correctly and in the right concentrations acids can have some of the most transformative effects on your skin of all topical ingredients - with benefits for reducing and preventing breakouts; boosting the skin’s production of collagen and elastin and fighting the visible signs of ageing. As a result of that added collagen and elastin it makes our dermis more compact and thicker in the longterm.

Ok - i’m listening…so where do I even start?

When introducing actives into your routine, look no further than Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids. These naturally occurring actives are powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients that will speed the healing of existing breakouts, while decongesting and preventing further problems. More than just fighting acne these actives will rejuvenate your skin, stimulating cell renewal and fighting fine-lines and wrinkles.

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Long term use of these clever AHA compounds shows increased production of collagen and the moisture binding hyaluronic acid resulting in a thicker plumper epidermis and dermis.  

BHAs love penetrating into the oil glands (its lipophillic) so it goes deep into the follicles, gently exfoliating while assisting in the removal and prevention of blackheads, whiteheads and breakouts.

AHAs and BHAs are found in a lot of the foods and fruits that we eat. Alphas are a combination of different acids including lactic, citric and malic and can be found in foods such as yoghurt, citrus and bitter almonds. Salcylic is the main ingredient of BHAs and occurs naturally in a plethora of food from meat, eggs and milk through to cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Although incorporating all of these foods into a balanced diet will nourish your skin from the inside, it’s vital that we support it equally with nutrients from the outside. It has a completely different effect when applied topically that cannot be replaced by nutrition alone.

Remember to do it daily, do it weekly, hell - do it whenever you need it!

In my range of concentrated clinical strength skincare I have developed three products that incorporate different percentages of alpha and beta hydroxy acids for different uses.

For daily maintenance, radiance and breakout control you have the Concentrated Clarifier; for a weekly at-home treatment for global skin rejuvenation I’ve developed the Concentrated Micropeel; and finally for targeted relief of breakouts and total skin rejuvenation is the Concentrated Spot Destroyer.

Daily - The Concentrated Clarifier - 18% Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids

This powerful cell renewing serum increases your skins metabolism; new skin cell production; exfoliates and removes dead skin cells and stimulates new collagen and elastin.  

it has natural anti-inflammatory properties so is great for skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis and rosacea. This effective combination results in reduced wrinkles and fine lines, removal and prevention of blackheads and whiteheads and improvement in tone and pigmentation. In a super summary it will leave you with glowing radiant skin!

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Weekly - The Concentrated Micropeel - 28% Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid

This revolutionary, gentle yet intensive peel is safe to use at home but delivers results of a mild clinical peel.

With 28% Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids including Salicylic, Lactic, Glycolic, Citric & Malic Acids, this formulation is an effective treatment for temporary imperfections including blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

Balanced by fruit extracts, these concentrated ingredients reduce fine lines and wrinkles; fade pigmentation and minimise pores. Your skin will feel softer, smoother and look more naturally radiant.

Tip: Don’t stop at using the concentrated micro peel on your face, share the love to face neck and décolletage! 

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Targeted - The Concentrated Spot Destroyer - 28% Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids

The Concentrated Spot Destroyer is a  powerful solution to prevent and speed up the healing of breakouts and rejuvenate skin at the same time.

The key ingredients again are a combination of BHA salicylic acid and AHA fruit acids.The anti inflammatory effects of the salicylic acid speeds up the recovery period, fading breakouts into oblivion, and minimising scarring. The combination of the BHA with the AHAs, work as a preventative, stopping congestion and further breakouts, helping you achieve pimple free skin.

With benefits for ageing, pigmentation, sun damage and acne, simply roll away breakouts, pigment and dull, lifeless skin. Suitable for all skin types, remain in control, target breakouts and rejuvenate your skin.

The take out - alpha and beta hydroxy acids are incredible multi-tasking ingredients that fight pimples, wrinkles and pigment at the same time.

Remember that the key to skincare that works for your skin and your environment is the right concentrations and combinations of active ingredients. For more information about medical grade treatments to fight breakouts, pigmentation and ageing see a specialist to ensure you get the best results.

But always remember what is you at home is equally important to maintain long-term term results. 

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