Why B3 (niacinamide) goes beyond sebum control

Reboot, repair and restore the skin’s functioning with this powerful multi-tasking ingredient.

As you may have seen I recently visited London as a key opinion leader for an international expert summit on aesthetics and education. At the same time I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the fantastic Trinny Woodall and talking all things skin.

I love to take any opportunity when I’m abroad to research, discover and play with product as an undercover consumer and one of the surprising insights we uncovered was the lack of understanding about the real benefits of B3 (niacinamide).

As a result of misleading education, and marketing dogma in the skincare industry many people assume that vitamin B3 should only be used to regulate sebum production in overly oily or acne prone skin. The real benefits of B3 are far more diverse. 

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So how were the additional B3 benefits uncovered?

Necessity is the mother of invention, and this is where Australia had the advantage. It was the harsh environmental conditions resulting in high incidence of sun damaged and prematurely aged skin that became the driving force behind in-depth research that uncovered the numerous benefits of vitamin B3.

The pioneering Australian Professor of Dermatology took B3 (the key vitamin in Vegemite) beyond sebum control and discovered that B3 had the capacity to prevent skin cancer and repair DNA.

When taken orally it can reduce the risk of skin cancers and sun spots by 25% - but don’t think a teaspoon of vegemite will do the job (you would need to consume 1kg a day). From that point it became one of the most studied vitamins used in skin care second to vitamin A.

Breaking down the Benefits of B3

Our brand is all about cutting through the B.S. in the skincare industry. So through my travels, research and clinical experience I’ve put together a super summary on why we need B3 to treat key skin concerns including UV damage, pigmentation, ageing, acne, sensitivity, rosacea and dehydration. 

Benefits of B3 for Sun Damage

  • Repairs UV induced DNA damage;
  • Protects the skin’s immune system; 
  • Fades pigment and sunspots; and
  • Restores cellular energy in sun damaged skin cells minimising ageing.

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Benefits of B3 for Ageing

  • Minimises wrinkles, sallowness and plumps the skin by preserving our collagen production cells (A.K.A fibroblasts); 
  • Fades age spots; and
  • Reduces the visible signs of ageing due to UV and environmental pollutants with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

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Benefits of B3 for Pigment

  • Decreases pigment production by blocking the pigment producing enzyme (A.K.A. tyrosinase); 
  • Reduces the spread of pigment through your skin creating even skin tone; and
  • Brightens and lightens for a radiance boost.

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Benefits of B3 for Acne

  • Controls sebum production reducing skin oiliness;
  • Heals with anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Minimises pores; and
  • Restores barrier function. 

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Benefits of B3 for Sensitivity, Rosacea and Dehydration

  • Decreases sensitivity;
  • Strengthens and repairs the skins barrier layer;
  • Reduces bumps and lumps with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; and
  • Increases your levels of natural moisturising factors (A.K.A. ceramides).

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So which products are boosted by B3?

This is the easy part, as we’ve boosted our entire night routine with B3 so that your skin reboots, repairs and rebuilds while you sleep. All of our concentrated clinical strength skincare uses clever combinations of active ingredients to declutter your routine, break down the BS, and deliver the results you deserve.


Step One - The Concentrated Cleanser

The Concentrated Cleanser is a non-foaming, detergent and soap free cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin. We actually recommend using this product as the first step of both our morning and night routines to remove the pollutants of the day and prepare your skin for the night - making sure your next steps absorb. It includes a combination of Vitamin B3, A, C, E, Glycerin and soothing botanicals.


Step Two - Concentrated Illuminator

The Concentrated Illuminator lets you wear your vitamins, and is a multi-tasking serum that visibly lightens and brightens your skin while helping it's cells rebuild and protect. This serum is different as it combines BOTH 10% vitamin B3 and 10% Vitamin C, with added hyaluronic acid and peptides.

You will wake up with calmness and clarity. It's fantastic for reducing skin sensitivity. At the end of the day you need to know your skincare works as hard as you to protect you from the wear and tear of the big smoke.


Step Three - Concentrated Hydration+

The Concentrated Hydration+ is an intense dual eye/night cream and replenishing cream all in one. With a powerful yet simple combination of ingredients designed to replenish your epidermal barrier while you sleep.

 Combining Shea butter and medical grade lanolin boosted by 5% B3 this product absorbs seamlessly, integrating with your skin's natural lipids and delivering long lasting hydration.

Step Four - Concentrated CC+

The Concentrated CC+ SPF30 is a multi-purpose formulation delivering damage prevention, sun protection and skin perfection all in one. This clever combination is boosted by 5% vitamin B3, B5, glycerin and skin perfecting particles. Suitable for light to medium skin tones. Unlike other CC and sunscreens, it is vitamin boosted to ensure your skin is enriched whilst it is protected. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory VIt B3 (5%)helps to prevent and protect your skin from UVA/UVB and environmental exposure. Targeting free radical damage and is one of the most potent and stable anti inflammatory anti oxidant ingredients you can have in skincare. 


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