Things to do instead of a 20 step skincare routine.

In the search for a healthy complexion, we often find ourselves faced with a bewildering array of skincare products. In a confusing and misleading landscape often backed by “pseudo- experts”, each one promises the earth, but leaves our cabinets crammed, our routines complex, and our bank accounts depleted. But why clutter your shelves with countless creams and serums when a few choice products that combine the right ingredients in a hybrid formulation can address multiple skin concerns?

At dr.NC, we focus on quality over quantity. Less is always more when it comes to the steps in your skin routine, so here are our top five things you make time for when you declutter your skincare routine.

1. Learn French.

Research shows that you should dedicate around 20 minutes a day towards learning a new language. Replace your in-clinic facial with the dr.NC Concentrated Micropeel Wipes to reclaim your time. One minute once a week for radiant skin, these face and body wipes use a powerful blend of AHAs and BHAs including lactic, glycolic, mandelic, tartaric, citric, and salicylic acids in one wipe. They replace a several step routine with a one minute at-home solution, helping addressed pigmentation, sun damage, acne, and congestion. That’s 59 extra minutes a week to focus on your française. We’re fluent in skincare so you can be fluent in whatever you want. Magnifique!

2. Declutter your space.

The right products are not only about saving space on your shelf but also about saving time in your day. A streamlined skincare routine translates into a minimalist bathroom. And a minimalist bathroom means no more wasting time staring into the cupboard trying to figure out where you put your serum, or searching for the tweezers behind bottles and tubs. Free up your time, free up your mind.

dr.NC has created a 3 step AM Routine for you, leaving your shelves, schedule, and skin much clearer. By incorporating multitasking skincare products that harness the power and benefits of multiple ingredients, you can clear the cupboards of clutter and save yourself the search time. Imagine opening your cabinet to see only a few cherished items rather than a confusing array of bottles. Reducing the number of products you use clears out physical space, leading to a tidier environment and a more relaxed you. It’s also better for the wider environment, creating less waste.

This clear-out will not only make your daily routine quicker but will also make it easier to keep track of your favourite products. Because there’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as realising you’ve run out of your dr.NC Concentrated Cleanser.

Once your bathroom is under control, it leaves more time for you to declutter the rest of your house. Like that third drawer in the kitchen. Or that cupboard you’re too scared to open in the lounge room. 

3. Meditate.

On average, women spend 36 hours a year researching skincare. Which, spread over the full year, is around 10 minutes a day. Studies have also found that just 10 minutes of meditation a day can help reduce blood pressure, manage stress and anxiety, and help you feel more centred, present, and creative.

Dr Natasha Cook has done all the research and heavy intellectual thinking for you. Spending decades to perfect the right skincare for all skin types and all skin tones, the dr.NC formulations ensure real results. We’ve nailed your AM and PM skin routines, so you can reclaim all that research time and focus on your inner peace instead. Choose the dr.NC Total Transformation Kit for an instant win for you and your skin. Namaste.

4. Get a massage.

It was found that 85% of women apply at least 16 products to their face before leaving home every day. Let your dr.NC products build radiant, healthy skin for you in just a few products, removing the need for a complex routine or intense makeup, if you don’t want to wear it. After all those years hunched over in front of the mirror applying an endless array of products, you deserve a massage. We’ve got your face, so you can show the rest of your body some extra love.

5. Cook a meal from scratch.

We’ve all dug a Muscle Chef meal out of the freezer when all we really wanted was Spicy Vodka Pasta. With morning and evening skincare routines taking a collective 30-60 minutes a day on average, it’s no wonder we often neglect the more energy-intensive activities like cooking breakfast in the morning or organising a proper dinner in the evening.

Reducing your skincare routine to mere minutes ensures you still have the energy and enthusiasm to make what you really want (and need), and will look fresh, glowing, and radiant whilst you do it. You know what pairs well with avo toast? dr.NC Concentrated Hydration+, a dual night cream, eye cream, and moisturiser that stops moisture loss, replenishes your barrier layer, and repairs DNA and oxidative damage. Delicious!

We know that every minute of your day counts. Streamlining your skincare doesn’t just streamline your daily rituals—it enhances your entire lifestyle. By embracing multitasking products from dr.NC, you invest in top quality skincare that saves time, allowing you to invest in your passions, your peace, and your personal goals. As we minimise our routines, we maximise the richness of our lives, proving that sometimes, less really is more.


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