Vitamins are essential for our health – and specifically, the health of our skin. Which is why I’m a big believer in incorporating topical vitamins into your skincare routine every single day to support it from the outside in.

Vital to not only cellular repair and renewal, vitamins – especially antioxidant vitamins (like Vitamins A, C, E) and B-group vitamins also help to protect and buffer the skin against environmental factors such as free radicals which are such a significant contributor to skin ageing.  

With over 20 years of experience studying and treating different skins daily in my dermatology practise, I’ve seen the visible changes that using effective concentrations of topically-applied, vitamin-rich formulas can have on the skin.


Your Daily Vitamin Prescription

There are so many amazing antioxidants that benefit the skin. But if I can only choose two absolute superstars, I recommend a good dose of the these vitamins each and every day to serve and protect and keep your skin looking its healthiest.



One of the best-known antioxidants out there, Vitamin C is essential for Collagen production and is incredibly effective at helping to rejuvenate sun-damaged skin and uneven skin tone. It’s a great anti-inflammatory with healing benefits (making it also helpful for acneic and blemish-prone skin) and helps to create a brighter, bouncier, healthier complexion.

You’ll find 10% Vitamin C in our skin-brightening serum: Concentrated Illuminator. It’s an essential for anyone targeting the signs of premature ageing, pigmentation, and sun damage.




Definitely one of the most underrated antioxidant vitamins, Vitamin B3 (also known as Niacinamide) happens to be one of the most researched, stable, and readily absorbed vitamins. It boasts the ability to repair and protect our DNA which makes it a proven performer at reducing the visible signs of skin ageing (like wrinkles and loss of bounce in the skin).

Vitamin B3 is a powerhouse and I include it in as many of my dr.NC skincare products as possible. You can incorporate it into your day by using our Concentrated Moisturiser which contains 5% Vitamin B3, along with antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E and moisture-binding ingredients to keep skin hydrated.



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